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See what our clients have to say about us.

I just want to say...thank you

We are so grateful for your help

Thank you so much for these programs...

My life has changed...


Dear Shira,

Emily is reading! I am very happy. Thank you so much for these programs (The Listening Program and Learning Ears) – It’s working!! In the last 3 weeks alone she has been able to read the books that she was only following along with before.


Dear Miss Shira,

Thank you for all the stuff you did for me. I liked when we played “Guess Who?” That was fun. You also helped me with my “r”, “ch”, “sh”, “j”, and much, much more. You did so many visits with me and did so much hard work to get me saying my right sounds so I just want to say… Thank you!

M.V.: client with APD

Last year I had trouble writing and thinking in class. My teacher spoke really fast, and I didn’t always get what she was saying. I thought the classroom was too noisy. Now I can listen, talk more, and my writing is amazing. My teachers really like me and I always understand what they are saying. If I don’t, I ask for help. I am always smiling. In 6th grade, I didn’t always want to go to school, because I needed extra help and they were shutting me down. Like telling me I have to try harder and hurry up. I could not write as fast as the other kids and take notes. Now I am organized. Also I don’t worry as much. I don’t really ask my Mom and family to help me with my homework unless it is really hard. I pay attention in all my classes and also I am prepared. I am also a good listener this year. Last year I wouldn’t have been student of the month. I didn’t really talk. Now I can follow directions. When I go to school, a lot of the things just snap in my brain easily, it was really harder in 6th grade. My life has changed and I feel like I am soaring in the sky like an eagle.

Mother of 4 Year Old with Autism


Since N. has started The Listening Program® Bone Conduction System, we have noticed that he’s more talkative, more aware of his environment and he’s also interacting more with his peers at school. The number of tantrums has dropped to almost zero everyday. He still has problems transitioning between one activity to another, but we time the tantrums and they are getting shorter lately (don’t last more than a minute). I can tell you for sure, that we have seen significant progress in the last 3 weeks.

Mrs. A.

Dear Shira,
We are so grateful for your help in working with our daughter L. Before you started with her, she was so fearful and timid and unable to tolerate lots of noises and social outings. After only a few short weeks with The Listening Program® Bone Conduction System, she started to become more interested in new adventures and not as afraid. In fact, she passed her recent CAP test with flying colors after previously failing it with severe Auditory Processing Deficits! We are so appreciative of your efforts!

Mrs. B


We are so happy with the progress that G. has made with you. She has come a long way! Her school speech therapist wants to refer more students to you. We appreciate so much all of your dedication and hard work!

Mrs. B.

Dear Shira,

Thank you so much for your efforts in working with J. As you recall, before you started working with her she was anxious and did not enjoy communicating with her peers due to her Auditory Processing Deficits. After only a few short weeks with The Listening Program® Bone Conduction System, she started to ay more attention to how she presented herself to the world, with better grooming and dressing and more interested in making plans with friends. We are very thankful to you and your friendly staff!

Mrs. L.


B. has come along way! His speech is clear now. And when someone calls on the phone they think he is his older brother! Also, now he is able to tell us all about his day during dinner conversation!

Thanks so much!

Mrs. P (Mother of L.P.)

Dear Shira,
Thank you for always understanding. You and your staff are terrific! I am so thankful to work with you.

Mrs. W.

Dear Shira,

Thank you so much for helping Rachel. When she started with you she was drooling and not talking at all! Within a few months of therapy, she stopped drooling completely and started communicating! Very soon she was more social and playful and able to converse with her brother and us. By the time you discharged her, she had achieved all of her goals and is doing very well in Kindergarten now! We are so grateful that we brought her to you!


The H. Family

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how thankful we are for all of your help. Paige has started kindergarten and her teacher told me how much she loves talking to Paige and having conversations with her! None of that would have been possible if not for you and all your hard work with Paige. We will be forever grateful to you and you have a special place in our hearts. Please say hello to Karen and Chris for us, we wish you all the best!

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