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The Listening Program®

Shira Kirsh


The Listening Program®
The Listening Program®
The Listening Program®
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"How we pay attention to sound has a direct impact on what we hear and what we say."

Often, the first step in improving speech and language is to improve one’s listening ability. How we pay attention to sound has a direct impact on what we hear and what we say.

The Listen Program® (TLP) is a portable, music- based auditory stimulation program that requires only one or two 15- minute listening sessions per day. Typically, TLP is conducted in two cycles of 10 weeks each. During the program, specially produced music is used to stimulate the auditory system and improve the way sound is processed in the brain with repeated exposure. The end result can include improved speech and language skills.

How it Works: Throughout the program, patients listen to beautiful, spatially engineered classical music on high-quality headphones. The purpose is to expose the listener to different timing, frequencies, and volumes, and simulation of movement, which stimulate different areas of the brain.

The newest delivery of the beautiful classical music is online, which is streamed on any smartphone or tablet, and on either PC or Mac computers, for your convenience. Bone Conduction, whereby the music is heard by vibration of the sound through the skull in addition to the auditory mode via the ears. The addition of Bone Conduction listening results in faster and more dramatic changes than just by air conduction alone.

Who can benefit from TLP? Children as young as two years of age may use TLP. Those who are sensitive to loud or high pitched sounds benefit greatly from the gradual desensitization that TLP provides over time. Those who are working on speech or language skills and auditory processing weaknesses (APD) will find that supplementing therapy with TLP boosts learning. TLP can also help those working to reduce foreign accents. Learn more about Foreign Accent Modification at Alliance Speech & Language Center.

TLP is always part of a larger treatment plan. TLP is typically used in conjunction with traditional therapeutic techniques or other brain-based programs such as Learning Ears or Interactive Metronome for accelerated results. It is not meant as a stand- alone program.

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